Wan Nian Building, Ximending

Within this vertical shopping mall - Ximending's Wan Nian building – lies a hobby nerd's paradise. The fourth floor is home to a host of hobby shops, and between them more or less the entire Gunpla line is available, along with everything one needs to build them.

... But first, video games. Several game shops share the fourth floor with the predominant model joints.

Figures are also plentiful. This little store carries a healthy mix of Gunpla and figures, and has tended to have some of the best prices around. I got my metallic coating Sazabi here for about NT$500 less than anywhere else had it.

Ben scopes out the selection at one of the usual haunts. This particular place carries a bit more airplanes, cars, historical stuff, &c.

The entrance to one of the best stores, which devotes about half its shelves to Gundam stuff. Good selection of MG and HG kits.

The display case Ben's looking at in the above photo.

The best Char's Zaku I've ever seen. (No doubt not the best picture of it ever taken.) He and Gundam are both packing beautifully made custom weapons.

The display case at another favorite shop. Luckily I didn't notice the "no photography" sign until I was looking through the pictures at home. Oops.

In the same case, Gundams all the way down.

The corridor of plamo in the store behind the above display case. Also a good selection of MG and HG kits. They additionally carry the Revoltech line.

People in Taibei lurve their cell phones. This place sells poached cell phone hides.

A shop devoted mostly to car models.

Only two of the many shops had the HGUC Zudah I was looking for. Will be back for this one once Hi-Nu is finished.

Another car shop.

Black ops Legos in the display case of a store which looks like it just sells Lego and Lego-like products.

Figures in one of the cases outside our favorite store.

Some of the cars in the display case adjacent to the above figure case.

The Gunpla aisle in our favorite shop. (They have three or four more aisles of other kinds of models.)

The paint selection at our favorite store, perhaps the reason it's become our favorite (or at least most-visited).

Tools at the same shop. This is where my beloved Tamiya clippers came from.

This figure shop is actually on the second floor. (Don't ask why.) Sometimes I swing by here on my way out to come down from the buzz of the fourth floor.

And that's it for the Wan Nian building. Needless to say, there are a number of shops I didn't photograph at all, carrying more models, figures, movies, and games, as well as manga and other printed matter. While most of the goods are on the fourth floor, there are a few places, like the figure shop in the last picture, on the second and third floors. Additionally, the fifth floor is a classic gaming arcade.